Thank You for Book Reviews

Abbey and Liza P., ages 7 and 5, Nevada

We love your book reviews! With the help of our parents, we have read 65 of the books you recommended over the last few years. We checked out all of them from the library. Even our two-year-old brother has enjoyed a lot of them. We hope you never stop doing them. We love to read! We love the Friend because we like to hear stories about the gospel. Thank you!

A Visit with President Uchtdorf

Styles W., age 8, Utah

Recently my mom took my two big brothers, my little sister, and me to our favorite restaurant. When we sat down we noticed that President Uchtdorf was sitting with his family at a table very close to ours. My family smiled, and we talked quietly about his special calling. After the Uchtdorfs finished eating, they walked to our table and visited with us. President Uchtdorf was so kind—I love his big smile. We told him that our daddy had been a missionary in Frankfurt, Germany, when President Uchtdorf was president of the Frankfurt Germany Stake. He said, “Well, then tell your daddy, ‘Guten Tag.’” I can’t wait to be a missionary and shout to the world that the Church is true. Who knows? Maybe I’ll go to Germany.

Being Honest

Landen S., age 7, South Carolina

My family and I went to an amusement park for family vacation. While we were walking in the park, I saw two one-dollar bills. I picked them up and gave them to a park worker. I felt happy inside that I was honest.

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Illustration by Mark Robison