I Like Family Home Evening

Paryse P., age 9, New Zealand

Every Monday night we have family home evening. We all get involved because we love spending time together. We learn about Nephi, Joseph Smith, Ammon, and many others. Family home evening is a good time to learn and appreciate the gospel. I love family home evening and the gospel.

Illustration by Elise Black

The Friend Online

Kyla P., age 6, New York

My favorite things on the Friend Web site are the online coloring pages. I really like to color the picture of the family that is having family home evening. I also like to listen to the music that plays. It helps me think about Jesus and be thankful for my family.

Thanks for the Articles

Bradley L., age 11, Utah

Thank you for the articles in the Friend that help us to choose the right. I read “The May Queen” in the May 2009 issue. It was a great reminder that we should be kind to everyone and that we are all valuable in the sight of our Heavenly Father.

The Friend Helped Me

Kyra W., age 11, Wyoming

One day I was really angry because I kept losing a game. When I remembered that we got the new Friend magazine that day, I decided to read it. After I read it, I felt so much better! I am glad to get the Friend every month.

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