Jesus Christ

Embraces everyone
Suffered for us
Serves everyone
Hosanna to the most High God!
Is very kind
Savior of the world
Takes away our sins

Michelle P., age 10, Utah


Springtime, springtime;
Morning bells will ring time.
Birds are singin’,
Music’s ringin’,
“It’s spring today!”
Winter’s over;
Kids are pickin’ clover
Under the sunny day!
No more snow,
You all know:
It’s springtime today!

Hannah B., age 8, Missouri

Little Flowers

Hey little flowers,
Hey little flowers,
Just start growing.
There is nothing to be afraid of.
The sun is shining,
The water is coming,
Soon you will grow
Into a beautiful flower.

Boston G., age 8, Utah

Haley D., age 10, Utah

Megan P., age 10, Idaho

Benjamin H., age 10, Wisconsin

Clay B., age 9, Georgia

Reeve H., age 7, Nevada

BreeAwnnah W., age 10, Texas

Arianna B., age 10, Washington

Emilie H., age 9, Georgia

Tanner L., age 10, Utah

TrudyAnne L., age 6, California

Annika A., age 7, Utah

William L., age 6, Wyoming

Aaron W., age 7, Texas

Adriana M., age 11, Utah

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