Conference Reverence Tent

Emily and Evan K., ages 6 and 4, Alberta, Canada

We love the Friend and read from it almost every morning. After reading “Conference Reverence Tent” in the October 2008 issue, we decided to make our own conference reverence tent for the next conference. We decorated the inside of the tent with pillows, blankets, and a picture of Jesus. We were happy we were listening when President Monson announced there was going to be a temple built in Calgary—that’s where we live!

Gaining a Testimony

AlemaMax L., age 6, Hawaii

In the November 2008 Friends by Mail section, I liked reading about how the children received answers to their prayers. It reminded me of how my own prayers have been answered. I once told my mom that I didn’t think Jesus was real. My parents asked me to pray to Heavenly Father to ask Him if Jesus is real. I prayed and was excited when I could tell my mom a week later that I felt a good, warm feeling when I prayed that let me know Jesus is real. I’m glad that I can ask Heavenly Father for help and get answers to my prayers.

Sharing the Friend

Amanda H., age 10, Utah

My friend and I were in my room talking about what we got for Christmas. I was looking around my room for something to show her when I saw my stack of Friend magazines. I showed them to her and asked her if she subscribed to the magazine at her house. She said no. I told her she can borrow any of my Friend magazines any time she wants. I’m glad that I can share the Friend with her.

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Illustration by Shawna J. C. Tenney