Trying to Be Like Jesus

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When Jesus Christ was on the earth, He followed the commandments, helped others, and showed love to everyone. Every day, children find ways they can follow the Savior’s example.

Telling the Truth

Benjamin S., age 8, California

At school one day there was a misunderstanding about how long we should wait until we started our project. When my teacher asked how long we were told to wait, I said 20 minutes. My teacher said she believed me because I always tell the truth. That made me feel so happy. I know it is important to always tell the truth.

Hospital Happiness

Caroline S., age 6, Florida

Each month, my mom, sisters, and I take treats to the children who are in the hospital. One day while we were visiting, we stopped to toss coins into a water fountain. I noticed a little boy sitting in a wheelchair. He only had one leg and he looked very sad. I asked my mom if I could give my coins to the boy. She said yes, and I walked over and handed all of my coins to him. He smiled as he tossed them into the water. It made me feel very happy. I know Jesus wants me to be kind to others.

Always a Friend

Emma M., age 7, Utah

In the first grade I met a girl who was not a member of the Church. I became her friend. I decided that I wanted to invite her to church. I gave her a pass-along card and invited her to church. She wanted to come, but her parents didn’t give her permission. I decided to be her friend no matter what. Hopefully someday she can come to church.

Reverent Example

Katelyn P., age 5, Missouri

I know that Jesus wants me to be reverent at church, so I have decided that I will follow Jesus by being reverent. Each week in Primary I listen to my teacher and try to be a good example. Following Jesus makes me feel good inside.

Sharing a Treat

Hyrum D., age 6, Oregon

One day I had some money and I bought a really yummy candy bar. I was about to eat it, but then thought about my family. I took the candy bar and broke it into seven pieces. Then I shared it with my family. I felt good because I shared.

Concert Decision

Cami S., age 8, Texas

I was invited to go to a popular singer’s concert. The problem was that it was on a Sunday. Though I really wanted to go, my parents were happy with my response. I said, “Too bad it’s not on a Saturday.” I didn’t go to the concert, and I’m glad I kept the Sabbath day holy.

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Illustrations by Elise Black