A Friend to Count On

Rachel E., age 8, Utah

One day I ate too much dinner and I got a stomachache. I decided to lie in bed because it hurt so much. While I was in bed, I thought I should read some of the stories from the Friend. The Friend had tons of good stories that helped me learn some good lessons. After I finished reading, I noticed that my stomach was feeling much better. I am thankful that I always have a Friend to count on.

Grandma Loves the Friend

Tyson and Alyson H., ages 5 and 3, California

Our grandma still loves to read the Friend. She downloads the audio from the Friend to her MP3 player and listens to it as she goes walking. She showed us how to listen to the stories on her headphones. We liked listening to “The Best Summer Day.” We love the Friend too.

My Friend the Friend

Sharon H., age 11, Minnesota

I love the stories in the Friend. I also like finding the hidden CTR rings in the issues. The stories teach me lessons, like how being helpful can help me get to the celestial kingdom. The Friend is my friend.

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Illustration by Dani Jones