When you get dressed to go to school, church, or just be with your friends, look over this checklist to make sure your appearance reflects what you believe. Ask yourself, “If I were with Jesus Christ, would I feel comfortable with my appearance?”

  • My shoulders are covered.

  • My shirt covers my stomach.

  • My shorts or skirt go to my knees.

  • My shirt is not low-cut.

  • My clothes are not tight.

  • I don’t look sloppy.

  • My hair is combed.

  • My clothes are not saggy, torn, or holey to fit in with a style.

  • Labels or words on my clothes are respectful, not rude or offensive.

Tip: Sometimes you might think your clothes are modest—until you start moving around. To make sure you will still be modest if you bend over or run around, sing the Primary song, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” and do the actions while you sing. If you can still be modest with all that movement, you’re ready to go!

Cut out this mini poster to hang in your closet or on your mirror. It can also be printed from friend.lds.org.

modesty poster(click to view larger)

Illustration by Maren Scott

Respect Yourself.

When you show respect for your body, you show respect for Heavenly Father.

Illustrations by Scott Greer