The Lord Is

The Lord is my shepherd,
Guiding me home
Through the dark and stormy night.
The Lord is my teacher,
Showing me how
To make all my wrongs right.
The Lord is my lighthouse,
Helping my ship
Find its way to port.
The Lord is my guardian,
Leading me from
All things of a dangerous sort.
The Lord will try
To keep His lambs
Safe from all sin,
So they can all
Come back to heaven
And live with Him again.

Haley N., age 11, California


Red is smooth as a tomato
Red is hard as an apple
Red is slippery as paint
Red is scary as blood
Red is crazy as a clown
Red is noisy as a rooster
Red is love in a heart

Devan E., age 8, Nevada


Praying helps us in our needs,
It helps us be strong and grow.
Praying is our way to talk to God and know.
Praying is a blessing that all of us can do.
Praying is wonderful.
I’m glad we have it too!

Clayton J., age 9, New Jersey

Erin B., age 5, Utah

Collin P., age 11, Utah

Melise P., age 7, Alberta, Canada

Chase H., age 9, Idaho

Emily H., age 10, Arizona

Jack S., age 7, Colorado

Tyler W., age 7, California

Braden K., age 6, Illinois

Abigail T., age 8, Montana

Ginger M., age 7, Minnesota

Carson T., age 11, Idaho

Kaitlyn A., age 8, Germany

Emily S., age 9, Arizona

Dallen H., age 8, Massachusetts

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