Reading the Friend with Mom

Brian R., age 7, Utah

I really like that my mom reads the Friend with me at night before I go to bed. It helps me sleep better. I used to have nightmares, but the Friend has helped me because of the good stories that are inside.

A Best Friend

Sarah E., age 8, Virginia

Sometimes on Sunday I like to play on the Friend Web site. I like to take the surveys. I think the Friend is like a best friend.

Praying in the Backyard

Dallin J., age 3, Utah

I was having a picnic in the backyard with my family. We had been learning about how Joseph Smith prayed in the Sacred Grove. I went to the trees in our backyard and said a prayer to Heavenly Father too.

Reading the Friend

Cacie W., age 11, Idaho

I like reading the Friend. My favorite parts of the magazine are Trying to Be Like Jesus and Friends by Mail. I like seeing how other people try to be like Jesus, and I follow their examples sometimes. I also like doing the hidden pictures. They are so fun!

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Illustration by Julie F. Young