Courage to Be Honest

Elena H., age 7, New South Wales, Australia

One time I went to stay at my abuelo’s home with my mum and sisters. (Abuelo is the Spanish word for grandpa.) When I got up in the morning, I started playing with the curtains in the bedroom. Suddenly the rod fell down. I was very worried and scared to tell anyone because I didn’t want my abuelo to be angry. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father what I should do. I felt the Holy Ghost tell me that I should tell my abuelo the truth. I went downstairs and told him that I accidentally broke the curtains and that I was very sorry. Abuelo said it was OK, and that it wasn’t my fault because it was already broken. I felt really happy for telling the truth.

Blessed for Obedience

Jack S., age 7, California

My best friends from school were trying out for a competitive soccer league. The tryouts were on Sundays. My mom told the coach that I was not going to try out for the team because the tryouts were on Sundays, which is our Sabbath day. The coach called back a few days later and said he had scheduled a special Wednesday tryout for me. I made the team. I know Heavenly Father blesses us when we keep the Sabbath day holy.

Showing Love

Rob V., age 8, Georgia

My sister and I had the day off from school. We were trying to find something to do. We each wanted to play a different game. My sister usually lets me play the game I want, so I played her game with her because I love her. I know Jesus would want us to play fair and show our love to others, even when it’s something we don’t really want to do.

Being a Missionary

Taylor A., age 10, Utah

Once I gave a lesson in family home evening about missionary work. I challenged my family to invite someone to church. We decided to invite one of our friends who was our neighbor. My mom and I talked about what I could say before I called our friend. I was very nervous, but I invited him to sacrament meeting. I told him it was our Primary program and that I was giving a talk. He thanked me for inviting him but didn’t say if he would come. When I entered the chapel on Sunday I didn’t see our friend. I felt disappointed. After I was sitting on the stand, I suddenly saw him in the congregation. I was so happy and grateful that I got to be a missionary.

Book Decision

Sariah L., age 8, England

One day at school I was reading a book from the school library. I had a bad feeling because there were some bad words in the book. During recess I went to the library and told the librarian. She reported it to the headmaster. They took all the copies of the book out of the library. I felt good because I chose the right.

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Illustrations by David Habben