Who Is Jesus?

Jesus is our loving friend. He is always near (Children’s Songbook, 58).

1. “Watch out! The allosaurus is going to get you!” roared Teddy as he chased Cole’s dinosaur around the couch with his allosaurus.

“No one can stop me. I’m a tyrannosaurus rex,” Cole said, bouncing his dinosaur along the walls.

2. The boys stomped through the house like loud, hungry dinosaurs until Mom brought out a snack.

3. “Who’s that on your wall?” Teddy asked, eating his string cheese.

“Jesus, of course,” Cole said.

“Who is Jesus?” Teddy asked.

Cole didn’t know what to say. He thought everyone knew about Jesus.

“He lives in heaven. And He loves all the people,” was all he could think to answer.

“OK,” Teddy said. “Do you want to go outside?”

4. Cole was kneeling by his bed that night getting ready to say his prayers when Dad came in.

“Did you have a good time with Teddy today?” Dad asked.

“Yes. We played in the sandbox and with dinosaurs. Dad, Teddy asked me who Jesus was, and I didn’t know what to tell him.”

5. Dad pointed to a picture on the wall above Cole’s bed. It was of Jesus surrounded by children. “What do you think about when you look at this painting?” Dad asked.

6. “I think about how I want to live with Jesus and Heavenly Father someday. And how Jesus treated people kindly when He was on the earth,” Cole said.

7. “It sounds like you could tell Teddy both of those things,” Dad said.

“Maybe Teddy would like to come to church with me sometime,” Cole said. “Then he could learn lots of things about Jesus. And it is fun too.”

8. Dad kissed Cole on the top of his head.

“You’re a good boy, Cole. Heavenly Father and Jesus are both proud of you. And Teddy is lucky to have you for a friend.”

Illustrations by Jennifer Tolman

Pioneer Trek

pioneer maze(click to view larger)

These pioneers are trying to get home. Can you help them find the right path?

Brigham’s Right-Way Feet

rebus story(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Val Bagley

Brigham’s feet were always going the wrong way. When he woke up in the mornings, his feet were on his pillow and his head was where his feet should be. Sometimes his feet ended up in the wrong shoes. Brigham walked in circles. “Brigham,” Mom said, “Your left shoe is on your right foot and your right shoe is on your left foot.” When Dad took Brigham to the library, Brigham’s feet made a clopping sound on the hard floor. “Shh,” Dad said to Brigham. “Shh,” Brigham said to his feet. On Sunday morning, Brigham dressed himself for church. He put on his pants and his shirt. He put his right foot in his right shoe and his left foot in his left shoe. Brigham walked between Mom and Dad on the way to church. He looked up and saw the church. He looked down and saw his feet. “My feet are going the right way,” Brigham said. “They are going to church.”