Last summer we asked you to send us pictures of you reading the Friend in different places. Thanks for your submissions. We would love to have more. Take your Friend with you wherever you go and send us a picture. We might put it in the magazine.

A Friend in Kindergarten

Tahlia G., age 6, New York

When I was asked to bring something special with me to my last show-and-tell in kindergarten, I decided to bring my Friend magazine. I shared the stories “Standing Up for Caleb” and “Daddy’s Sunshine” (March 2009) with my class.

Scouting with a Friend

Parker B., age 11, Arizona

I took my Friend to Scout camp in New Mexico. My family and I went there for a week so my dad could learn more about how important Scouting is for young men in the Church. I met Sister Margaret S. Lifferth. She was very kind to me. I was able to show her where her name was in the June 2009 Friend.

Sister Lifferth served as the first counselor in the Primary general presidency from 2005–2010.

Friend Fun

Taylor L., McKayla M., Allison L., Samantha M., Lexie L., and Isabel L., ages 12, 11, 10, 9, 7, and 2, Utah

We enjoyed taking the Friend to an amusement park on our vacation.

When I Needed a Friend

Britnee H., age 7, Utah

I have been in the hospital a lot in the last year. Sometimes I bring the Friend to read because it makes me feel better. I like when there are posters of Jesus. I also like Matt and Mandy and stories about Joseph Smith.

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