The Tithing Choice

Hannah R., age 7, North Carolina

My sisters and I were talking about how well we did feeding our neighbor’s dogs. My mom said she would pay us for doing such a great job. Then my mom reminded us about tithing. I made a big fuss about that. Then my mom said I could either keep all my money or give tithing to the bishop. I knew that paying tithing was the right thing to do. I was happy I made the right choice, and I hope Heavenly Father was too.

Showing Love

Wesley E., age 6, Texas

My uncle has a very bad disease. Sometimes he feels alone. One day all of my cousins and I wrote him letters. I told my uncle that I pray for him. When we delivered the letters, he cried happy tears. He knew we loved him. Jesus helped sick people, and we can too.

Helping a Friend

Elizabeth H., age 10, Wisconsin

One day there was a big storm. My friend’s basement filled with water. They had to get rid of a lot of stuff. My friend lost all of her summer clothes except for one pair of pants. My mom, sister, and I decided to help. We made dinner and gave them money to help buy some clothes for my friend. We also got a clean-up kit from the Church. My friend’s mom cried when we took the things over. When I handed her the money and dinner, I felt the Spirit and I felt my testimony of service grow in my heart. I know we did the right thing. It has made me want to serve more.

More than Winning

Slade W., age 8, Washington

One of my favorite things is soccer. I participated in a soccer challenge. We demonstrated our skills, and then winners were chosen. I qualified to go to the state competition. I was so excited and really wanted to go, but it was on a Sunday. My mom and I talked about it one morning before school. We had a prayer, and she asked me to think about it. After school, my mom met me at the bus stop. I told her I was going to go to church instead of the state competition. I know I made the right decision. Every time I look at my trophy from the local competition, I will remember that it means more than winning at soccer.

A Song to Share

Keziah A., age 5, Queensland, Australia

For my fifth birthday I invited four special friends to my house. Only one was a member of the Church. We played Pass the Parcel, and one of my friends didn’t know what song she should sing to win some chocolate. I told her that I knew a song. I sang “I Am a Child of God” to all my friends. When I was finished, it was all quiet. Mummy said she felt the Spirit.

Service Fridays

Caleb M., age 5, Utah

As a family we decided we wanted to be like Jesus. We decided that Fridays would be our service day. Every Friday we think of a service to do. One Friday we called our neighbors and asked them if we could wash their car. I am learning to be like Jesus by serving others, and I love it!

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Illustrations by Dani Jones

I’m trying to be like Jesus.

I’m following in His ways.