Meeting the Prophet

Kianna and Korissa B., ages 8 and 6, Utah

Kianna and Korissa are sisters and best friends. They were lucky enough to go to President Thomas S. Monson’s home when their dad helped prune the trees in the prophet’s yard. President Monson wiggled his ears for them and made them laugh. They will never forget the day they met the prophet.

A Friend-ly Family

Dallin S., age 12, Utah

My family loves the Friend. During family home evening, I asked my parents and siblings what they liked most about the Friend. Even though we are different ages, we all still read the Friend.

I like hunting for the CTR ring and reading the stories. My oldest sister, Sarah, likes Our Creative Friends. My other older sister, Amanda, likes making the tasty recipes. My brother, Jacob, likes the stories and sometimes uses them when he goes home teaching. My little sister, Emily, likes the coloring pages. My mom and dad like reading Friend to Friend. We are all grateful for the Friend.

Matt and Mandy Helped Me

Teigan P., age 9, Alberta, Canada

I was making a poster for my homework and I got frustrated that I couldn’t draw what I was trying to draw, so I threw my pencil. My Mom suggested that I could read to calm down. I was going to read my favorite book, but then I felt like I should read the Friend instead. I read Matt and Mandy. It helped me feel better because Matt was having a bad day, but he tried to remember he was a child of God. I read it eight times, and I got a warm feeling. I know that Heavenly Father knows me and all my problems. If I will listen to the still, small voice, He will comfort and help me. I know I am a child of God.

Illustration by Shauna Mooney Kawasaki

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