You are the truth,
My shining light
That guides me every day.
You are the loving people
Who teach me how to pray.
I look inside
Your glowing heart
If I want to know
The choices I should make
Or which way I should go.
So when you’re feeling lonely
And don’t know what to do,
I will run up and give you a cuddle,
And my love I will show to you.

Jasmine H., age 11, New South Wales, Australia

From Cumorah’s Hill

Sun overhead,
rich soil beneath,
birds sing songs,
flowering wreath.
Joseph climbed.
Moroni waited.
The devil so foolish
filled with hatred.
Sun in the clouds,
clouds in the sky.
Joseph met with Angel Moroni.

Faithful S., age 10, Colorado


It was just the other day,
That I and my friends went off to play.
We went to the ravine;
It was an inviting scene.
I was disobeying my parents.
I wasn’t using my common sense.
I was found by my mother.
I had disappointed my Heavenly Father.
I sat in my room.
My heart was full of gloom.
I will not again disobey.
I won’t let the Spirit ever go away.

Taylor B., age 9, Utah

Kristen G., age 9, Kentucky

Eden M., age 8., Michigan

Kaylee B., age 6, Oklahoma

Manasseh F., age 9, Arizona

Taylor M., age 10, Utah

Kayla O., age 9, California

Micah D., age 8, Pennsylvania

Lincoln F., age 9, South Africa

Amber H., age 7, Wisconsin

Devin G., age 11, Georgia

Korleyan K., age 9, Texas

Phoebe G., age 10, Hawaii

Laura W., age 11, Utah

Eliza P., age 10, Ohio

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