Doing the Right Thing

Sophie P., age 5, Texas

I joined Girl Scouts and have made a lot of new friends. We do lots of fun activities, but once there was an activity on a Sunday. I really wanted to go because the girls would be learning new songs, eating s’mores, and earning a patch, but I know that Sunday is the Sabbath. I knew that going to the activity wouldn’t be the right choice for me, so I went to church instead. When I saw my friends’ new patch at our next Girl Scout meeting I was a little sad because I didn’t have one. But I remembered that I had kept the commandment to keep the Sabbath day holy, and that made me happy. Sometimes doing the right thing is hard, but it always feels good afterward.

Making Friends

Schuyler T., age 12, Utah

When new students come to school, I try to make friends with them. One day when I was playing outside my apartment, I saw a boy in an electric wheelchair. Nobody was playing with him. I went over and said hi and told him my name. He told me his name, and we became friends! That made me feel good inside.

Flower Truth

Aubree C., age 7, Illinois

One day at recess my friends and I were picking flowers off a tree. Some girls came up to us and told us we weren’t supposed to pick the flowers. We stopped picking the flowers and walked away. I told my friends we should tell the truth. We told a teacher that we had been picking the flowers for our teacher. The teacher said we could pick the flowers as long as we didn’t pull on the branches. I’m glad I told the truth.

A Good Goalie

Harrison T., age 8, New Mexico

Once I was playing soccer with my friends. The goalie on the other team was upset because he missed blocking the last shot and his team lost. The players on his team were angry with him. I felt bad because he is a really good goalie and my friend. I told him that he was a great player and reminded him that he had stopped many goals before. He thanked me for being a good friend.

Skipping for Good

Annie A., age 9, Arizona

One day my class was reading out loud from our literature books when one of the characters used the Lord’s name in vain. I asked my teacher if I could skip that spot, and she said yes. I skipped that spot and continued reading. I am glad I was able to be a good example to my friends and classmates.

Being an Example

Lizzy S., age 8, Delaware

I’m trying to be like Jesus by being baptized. When I turned eight, my dad baptized me. I am a good example for my younger brothers and sister.

Gospel Information

Garrett H., age 7, Nevada

When I was at my friend’s house his mom asked me about the Church. I told her about Primary and how much fun I have there. I also told her about my parents’ class. After I answered her questions I felt good inside. I know I felt the Spirit because I was trying to be like Jesus.

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Illustrations by Elise Black