The Gospel Is for Everyone

Second Counselor in the First Presidency

Adapted from “Friend to Friend,” Friend, June 1998, 6–7.

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The Gospel Is for Everyone

When I was 11, my family moved to West Germany. My father and my mother ran a laundry to make a living, and I was the laundry delivery boy. I saw some shiny red bicycles, and I wished I could have one to make my deliveries. But I needed a heavy-duty bicycle to pull the cart with the laundry on it. I rode around pulling that heavy laundry cart before school and after school. It was hard seeing the other children play. But everyone in our family had to work hard, and I was an important part of the family business.

As I grew older, I learned about the blessings of doing things that at the time you don’t realize are important and good for you. When I was very little, I came down with a lung disease, but no one knew it at the time. When I grew older, I joined the air force. The doctors saw spots on my lungs. Because of the hard work of pedaling that heavy load, somehow my body had healed itself. I had built up endurance. I had built up strength. The doctors said that the disease took care of itself and that I passed my physical. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to become a pilot.

As a pilot, I flew all over the world. I never tired of looking at the stars, the clouds, the landscapes. I saw the beauty of the different countries with their different cultures. I know from going to those places and seeing the people and seeing the Church in those different places that the gospel is for everyone, no matter what nation you live in or what your traditions are. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The word of God—whether it is written in the scriptures or spoken by the living prophets, whether we read it in Church magazines or hear it at general conferences—is for everyone.

Helping Your Family

When President Uchtdorf was young, he helped his family earn money by delivering laundry on his bicycle. Color the picture of President Uchtdorf on his bicycle. Then draw a picture of something you can do to help your family.

coloring activity(click to view larger)

Illustration by Beth M. Whittaker

In Many Languages

Thanks to his hard work as a boy, President Uchtdorf was strong and healthy enough to become a pilot. He loved flying to many countries and meeting members of the Church who spoke many different languages. Each child above is saying, “The gospel is for everyone!” See if you can match each child with the speech bubble in his or her language.


matching activity(click to view larger)

Illustrations by Beth M. Whittaker

1. “Ang ebanghelyo ay para sa lahat!”

A. France (French)

2. “O evangelho é para todos!”

B. Australia (English)

3. “L’Evangile est pour tout le monde!”

C. Philippines (Tagalog)

4. “The gospel is for everyone!”

D. Brazil (Portuguese)

Left: illustration by David Meikle

1) C, 2) D, 3) A, 4) B.