A Brother’s Example

Cole C., age 7, California

One night my mom asked me to go into my two-year-old brother’s room and say prayers with him. I folded my arms and began to say the prayer for him, and he soon began repeating what I was saying. He was so happy! I felt good, and when I said my own prayers I thanked Heavenly Father that I could help my little brother say his prayers.

The Coat Caper

Shelby S., age 8, Utah

One day at lunchtime, some girls from my class were hiding another girl’s coat. They invited me to help them hide it. I knew it was wrong, so I said no and then I watched where they hid it. When I was sure my classmates were gone, I got the coat and took it back to our classroom. The owner of the coat was there, looking all over for it. I felt glad that I brought back her coat.

Answer to a Prayer

Christopher A., age 4, Arizona

One morning my mom woke up, and the house was dirty. She was frustrated because it had been clean the day before. So she said a prayer for help. Then she asked me if I would vacuum the room. I said, “Sure, Mom!” and vacuumed the room. Then I said, “Why don’t we do these dishes too?” So we did. The house got clean, and Mom felt better with my help. I felt good inside from being a helper.

Feeling Good

Daniel B., age 9, California

One day at school I was playing a game with a disabled boy. I was winning by a lot, so I let him catch up to me and then I let him win. I felt good inside my heart and spirit.

Strengthened by the Spirit

Caitlyn P., age 8, Texas

One day I was playing with my friend at her house. When it was time for lunch, we were very hungry and thirsty. Lunch looked delicious. Then I looked in my cup. I asked my friend if it was apple juice, but she said it was tea. I was scared and knew I could not drink it, even though I was thirsty. Because I chose the right, I had a peaceful feeling come over me. The next time I was at my friend’s house, her mom served us tea again. This time I politely asked for water instead. I felt stronger this time because I had already chosen not to drink the tea, and the Holy Ghost strengthened me. I had a good feeling.

Doesn’t Have to Worry

Kristen S., age 9, Georgia

I love being a member of the Church. Maybe sometime I will invite my neighbors to church and to family home evening. Don’t you think that’s a good idea? I think so.

One time I was listening to a CD when the singer started taking the Lord’s name in vain. I stopped listening to the CD. My dad gave me a CD that doesn’t even have people singing; it’s just instruments playing. Then I didn’t have to worry about the songs taking the Lord’s name in vain.

Allowance Honesty

Laura D., age 9, Indiana

Once when my mom gave me my allowance she gave me too much. I almost kept the extra. Then I thought about what Jesus would want me to do. I gave the extra money back.

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Illustrations by Katie McDee