A Dose of Vitamin L

Maddie J., age 11, Utah

One day I was reading the March 2010 issue of the Friend and I came to the story “Vitamin L.” After I read the story, I told my family about it, and I made my own Vitamin L jar. I know having the jar has made a difference in my family. I am so happy when the Friend comes to my home, and I love to read it. Thank you for the Friend.

Better than Lullabies

Payson D., age 6, Utah

I was having a hard time falling asleep at night. My mom decided to play a CD of Primary songs. Listening to the music made me feel peaceful, and I was able to fall asleep. I started to listen to the songs every night. Pretty soon I knew the words to all the songs. Sometimes I sing these songs during the day. Singing them makes me feel happy.

Family Home Evening with the Friend

Emily and Katherine M., ages 10 and 8, California

Thank you for your great family home evening ideas. We used our stuffed animals to act out the story that President Dieter F. Uchtdorf shared in the February Friend about John Rowe Moyle. Our friends were with us, and together we made homemade ice cream and our own banner of faithfulness. We had a great time.

Sharing My Grandparents

Mazee S., age 4, Oklahoma

Last year my grandparents told me they would be away for three years while they served a mission. My mom read me a story from the July 2009 Friend called “Sharing Grandma.” It helped me learn that even though my grandparents would miss their home and their grandchildren, they are following the prophet by serving a mission. I am grateful to have family members that set a good example for me.

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