Invite All to Come unto Christ

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Invite All to Come unto Christ

In the October 2009 general conference, President Thomas S. Monson taught us about serving others. He said, “Each of us can do something to help someone.” *

One way we can help others is to share the gospel with them. When we teach the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are serving others because we show them the way to return to Heavenly Father. We show them how to feel the love of Jesus Christ in their lives. We share with them how to make and keep sacred covenants that bless their lives. We help them to know the blessings that come from keeping the commandments.

When we teach others the gospel of Jesus Christ, we are being missionaries. We are being witnesses that the Church of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. This is an important service to others that will bless their lives forever and fill us with joy too.

October 2010 Scripture Journal

Read Moroni 10:32.

Pray to Heavenly Father to help you know that the way to come unto Christ is by becoming a member of His Church.

Memorize Moroni 10:32.

Choose one of these activities, or create your own:

  • Help someone else memorize Moroni 10:32.

  • Invite a friend to go to activity day or a Primary activity with you.

  • Complete the activity on the opposite page. Put it where you can see it to remind you to be a missionary.

  • Share your testimony. You can do this in family home evening, in a talk in Primary, or as the Holy Ghost helps you share your testimony with someone else.

  • Talk to someone who has served a mission about how to share the gospel.

How does what you have done help you understand this scripture?

Write in your journal or draw a picture about what you have done.

Cut out the two reminders and color the pictures. Pray to Heavenly Father to help you choose someone you can be a missionary to. Write your feelings in your Scripture Journal.

Invite All to Come Unto Christ

missionary reminders(click to view larger)

Illustrations by James Johnson

I can share the gospel of Jesus Christ by inviting a friend to go to Primary with me.

I can share the Book of Mormon.

I can be a good example.

What are other things you can do to be a missionary?

Illustration by James Johnson

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