Special Day

Today is your special day.
You put your white dress on.
You feel the water go through your hair.
And the Holy Ghost is there.

Taysja R., age 9, Utah


The first light, the first dark,
The first hoot, the first coo,
The first roar, the first meow,
The beginning of beginnings,
And the start of the world.

Josh P., age 11, Idaho


First I kneel, then I pray;
This is what I do each day.
I pray at meals and when in need.
The Lord answers my prayers, indeed.
I pray in the morning, day, and night;
I pray for help to choose the right.

William F., age 9, California

Up on a Cloud

Up on a cloud I sit in the sun,
Dreaming a wonderful dream
Of dancing and singing and instrument playing
With sound so bold and supreme.
A choir sung melodious hymns
While smiling to the crowd.
The conductor waved his arms in a beat
To make a joyful sound.
The dancers leaped and stepped with grace
As they spun around on the floor.
Their clothes were white and their eyes were bright
With shining smiles galore.
An orchestra played their instruments
And hit each note and key.
Their wonderful sound touched each heart
And every spirit beautifully.
As the days passed on more people came
To see this wonderful sight
Of lovely creations with beautiful flare
And everlasting light.
This is the greatest dream of all,
To see hearts glow and gleam.
Up on a cloud I sit in the sun,
Dreaming a wonderful dream.

Savannah M., age 11, Missouri


1. Ashlee C., age 6, Arizona

2. Adam T., age 9, Missouri

3. Leah S., age 9, Mississippi

4. Kess L., age 7, Utah

5. Emily W., age 11, Florida

6. Loren Y., age 7, Washington

7. Ty W., age 11, South Dakota

8. Marjorie L., age 7, Hong Kong

9. Rachel M., age 9, Nevada

10. Samuel M., age 7, Utah

11. Kade C., age 7, Hawaii

12. Kate L., age 8, Texas

13. Naomi B., age 6, Missouri

14. Suzie P., age 10, California

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