A Year on Temple Square

Angela, Natalie, and Sarah P., ages 4, 7, and 9, Oregon

Thank you for sharing “A Year on Temple Square” in your magazine and online at friend.lds.org. My family has enjoyed it so much that we decided to spend a day on Temple Square during a recent trip to Utah. We got to see the temple where our mom and dad were married. We also toured the Beehive House and talked to the sister missionaries. Our favorite part was seeing the Christus statue and watching videos about how families can be together forever. We had so much fun!

The Friend Helps Me Choose

Mallory P., age 10, Idaho

There was a story in the April 2010 issue called “The Strength to Choose.” It was about choosing to make the right decisions. In the story, Chris chose not to smoke. It reminded me that I can make my own decisions. One time my friend asked me to play on Sunday. I said no because I wanted to follow My Gospel Standards.

The Friend Inspires Me

Nephi K., age 11, California

I am really grateful for the Friend. I especially like “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice.” It inspires me to choose and do what is right. I also like the Friend and Primary Web sites. I know the gospel is true.

Building a Temple

Madeline F., age 10, Idaho

I was sick on the day of stake conference. I wanted to keep the Spirit with me, so I made a temple out of plastic blocks.

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Illustration by Adam Koford