Missionary Moments

Amber B., age 6, England

I like to tell my friends at school about Jesus. When I ask my friends if they believe in Jesus, most of them say no. So I ask them to come to church to learn about Him. One time the missionaries asked my family to give out pass-along cards to our friends and neighbors. I took one and ran through the field to my friend’s house. My friend wasn’t home, but I asked his grandma to give him the card and tell him it was about Jesus. Then I ran back home through the field. The field was full of nettles, and I got cuts on my legs. My mum asked me why I went through the field when I knew it was full of stinging nettles. I told her that I wanted my friend to know about Jesus. I like to tell people about our Church. It makes me happy, and I want them to be happy too.

Helping at Home

Boaz S., age 4, Wyoming

Usually during the day, it’s just my mom, me, and my little brother at home. My mom was sick one day. I helped out by playing with my little brother and getting him snacks and drinks without being asked. I feel good when I am helpful, because Jesus Christ wants us to be.

The Switch to Saturday

Isaac P., age 9, Massachusetts

I was very disappointed when I found out that my first baseball game of the season was on a Sunday. I wanted to keep the Sabbath day holy, so my parents told my coach I would miss the first game. Although I was sad about missing the game, I felt good that I was following Jesus. A few days before the game, my coach called to say they had rescheduled the game for Saturday. I was very glad! Not only did I get to go to my first game of the season, but I also got to be the pitcher.

Turning Off the TV

Carson A., age 6, Texas

One Saturday when my little brother and I were watching cartoons, there was a bad show on. The girls in the show were not dressed modestly. I turned the TV off. I felt very good after I did. I knew I had followed Jesus Christ.

A Good Correction

Sheyla H., age 10, Hawaii

One day my friend was using the Lord’s name in vain. I asked her not to, and she asked me why. I said, “Because we don’t say that.” She apologized. The next time she said it around me, she corrected herself. I’m glad I could help a friend.

An Honest Letter

Emma W., age 10, Utah

During a spelling test at school my teacher said the word we were to spell. I did not understand what he said and asked him to repeat it. After he did, I still did not know what the word was. I took a quick peek at my neighbor’s paper and wrote the same word on my paper. I received 100 percent on my test. That night I felt really bad about what I had done. I told my mom what I had done and that I was scared to tell my teacher. We decided to write my teacher a letter and tell him the truth. I also asked if I could retake the test. I went to school and handed my teacher the letter. He read it and said that I could not retake the test, but that he would mark the one word wrong. I felt so much better inside. I did not get 100 percent on my test, but it was worth it.

Sharing the Prize

Braxton Z., age 7, Colorado

I went to a friend’s birthday party. We ate cake and broke a piñata. When the piñata broke, everybody ran to the candy as fast as they could to get lots and lots. There was a boy who didn’t get any. I had lots of candy, so I shared with him. I felt good as I shared candy with him.

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Illustrations by Dani Jones