Glad We Get the Friend

Katy V., age 11, Idaho

Every month I look forward to the new Friend. My family likes to see who can find the CTR ring first. The Friend helps teach me who I should be. I like reading about how the Friend helps other children. I also like getting online and listening to the stories as I get ready for church. I am glad we get the Friend!

Thankful for the Friend

Ashley B., age 9, Nebraska

I’m thankful for the Friend. It helps me remember to speak nicely to my two little sisters when I’m in charge of helping them clean our room.

Looking Different

Allie O., age 10, Utah

I am sometimes made fun of for the way I look. I am half Japanese, which means my eyes are smaller than other people’s eyes. It really hurts my feelings when I am not treated equally. I talked about my problems with my parents and they told me to remember that Heavenly Father thinks I’m beautiful, and His opinion is the only one that matters. From that day I learned to forget the mean things people say. I also learned to not make fun of the way others look.

What I Like about the Friend

Jeff E., age 11, Utah

I really like the stories in the Friend. I almost always use the stories when I teach at family home evening. I liked the beautiful pictures of the temple in the March 2010 issue. I also liked the pictures that children draw. One of my favorites from the issue has an astronaut giving a Book of Mormon to an alien. The Friend is awesome.

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.

Illustration by Sam Ricks