God’s Creations

From the big old sheep

To a baby chick’s peep,

They were made by God,

Even peas in a pea pod.

From the water near land

To the dry, hot beach sand,

The difference of dark and light,

Even the day and the night!

The making of water,

The sun that is hotter,

Even your face

Was made by God’s grace.

The petal of a flower

Was made by His power,

The squawk of a hen,

The lions in a den.

The rain, snow, and hail,

No, God didn’t fail.

He made the moon and sun.

Wouldn’t making the world be fun?

Asia F., age 10, Nevada

Celestial Family

A celestial family

Is what we aim to be,

But sometimes we can’t see

Who we need to be.

Then we turn to prayer

And all our hearts we share.

Together our burdens we bear

Until our celestial family is there.

Tyler B., age 10, Iowa

I Feel the Spirit

I feel the Spirit when I am dipped into the water,

And I feel warm and happy right away.

I have waited for this since I was a toddler.

My Heavenly Father guides the way.

I felt peace in my heart when I received the Holy Ghost.

I like when I got the Holy Ghost the most.

Dallan H., age 9, Utah

Sariah P., age 7, Georgia

Katelynn B., age 9, New Mexico

Victoria B., age 7, Germany

Victoria V., age 11, Utah

Adelaide J., age 9, Alabama

Riley D., age 8, Massachusetts

Gregory F., age 10, Wyoming

Dylan R., age 6, Oregon

Melia W., age 10, Washington

Harrison R., age 9, Idaho

Hunter R., age 5, Colorado

Adeline P., age 6, Idaho

Trey R., age 7, Utah

Enoch P., age 11, Texas