Being a Friend

Sabrine G., age 6, Washington

One time my friends came over with their little sister. My friends started playing a really fun game on the trampoline. They said their little sister could not play. So I went inside and played with her. We had lots of fun listening and dancing to music. I felt happy when I played with her, and I know it was the Holy Ghost helping me feel that way.

A Movie Choice

Daniel G., age 11, California

One day I was going on a hike with my friends. My friend’s parents drove us to the hiking trail. On the way, one of my friends wanted to watch a certain movie in the car. I knew it was a movie I shouldn’t watch. I asked if we could watch another one that I would be more comfortable with. My friend’s mom put on another movie instead. I’m glad that I chose the right.

School Honesty

Hyrum O., age 8, Wisconsin

One day at school my friend and I were playing with some plastic worms that we use for math. My friend said, “Let’s take some home because they’re so cute.” I said, “No thanks,” and walked away. I am happy that I didn’t steal.

Party Decision

Zachary L., age 9, Missouri

On the school bus, a friend invited me to his birthday party. I thought for a couple of minutes, and then I told him I couldn’t go because the party was on a Sunday, and Sunday is the Sabbath day. After that, I felt good inside. I didn’t need to ask my parents because I could make the decision all by myself. I will always remember that experience.

Praying for Kindness

Krystol O., age 10, Idaho

Every night I pray and ask Heavenly Father to help me be kind to my brothers and sisters. I try to be good to them, but then there are times when I lose my temper. But after I get angry I feel sorry and tell them that I am sorry. I am really trying to be kind to my family.

Healthy Advice

Megan A., age 4, Virginia

My mom and I were reading an encyclopedia about the human body. I was very interested in the pictures of two sets of lungs. One showed the lungs of a healthy person, and the other showed the damaged lungs of a person who smoked. Two days later some men came to our home to replace some carpets. I noticed one of the men smoking outside our home. Several times I heard him cough as he worked. I wanted to show him the picture of the lungs. When he was alone, my mom and I talked to him. I showed him the picture of the damaged lungs, and my mom told him that I was sad that he was smoking. The man smiled at me and said thank you. I felt good inside, and I hope he stops smoking so his lungs can be healthy.

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Illustrations by Amanda Sorensen