Glad I Found “A Bump in the Road”

Lindsey C., age 6, California

Every night my family reads the Book of Mormon. Sometimes I also read the Friend. One of the stories I found in the Friend is called “A Bump in the Road” (June 2010). I loved it. I read it to my mom and my newborn sister.

A Priesthood Blessing

Elias A., age 5, California

My family and I were roasting hot dogs around a campfire when I fell out of my chair and burned my arm. I got a third-degree burn on my elbow. It hurt so bad. My sisters hugged me and tried to make me laugh while my brother went to get my dad’s consecrated oil. My dad gave me a priesthood blessing. He blessed me to heal quickly and feel no more pain. The pain went away. When we went to the hospital, the doctors and nurses were surprised that I was cheerful and talkative. I made them all laugh. I know the blessing helped me to heal quickly. I am thankful my dad has the faith to use the power of the Lord to bless me.

I Love the Friend

Elise E., age 11, Nebraska

I love reading the Friend. When I am angry, I can read it to calm me down. Also, the Friend has good stories that are fun to read. They help me feel the Spirit.

How I Read the Friend

Nathan and Ryan F., ages 8 and 6, Utah

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Illustration by Mark Robison