Checking Everything

Tristan C., age 7, California

I was at the grocery store with my mom and my brothers. We got to the checkout stand, and my mom was paying for our groceries. I saw that my two-year-old brother was holding a bag of doughnuts that my mom forgot to pay for. Before we left the checkout line, I told my mom that she had forgotten to pay for the doughnuts. She was thankful that I had been honest, and I felt very happy that I did the right thing by speaking up.

Missionary Service

Chloe P., age 9, Western Australia, Australia

My cousin and I were trying to be like Jesus by helping the missionaries make dinner with the Relief Society for zone conference. We set the tables and plated the food. We loved serving the missionaries, and I could feel the Spirit. My cousin is not a member of the Church, so I gave her a tour of the chapel, and she loved it. She looked like she had felt the Spirit and was having a good time.

A Good Helper

Meadow M., age 6, Missouri

One day when I was at a pizza place with my cousin Seth, there was a little girl trying to get a drink from the drink dispenser. I walked over to her and asked her if she needed help. She said yes. So I reached up and pushed the handle of the drink she wanted. She said thank you. I felt warm and happy inside. I am glad I can help others.

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Illustrations by Lance Fry