A Bunny Buns Tradition

Vicki S., Utah

When I was a young mother, I found a recipe in the April 1980 Friend for Bunny Buns. They looked fun to make, so I tried them. This recipe has become a part of our Easter tradition in our family. I am the oldest of 11 children, and we have all made this recipe almost every Easter for the last 30 years. The recipe has traveled to places like India, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, and Venezuela as family members have served missions. Thank you for not only feeding us spiritually over the years with the wonderful Friend, but for feeding our physical appetites as well.

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Amy and Kristen S. have fun making Bunny Buns.

Thanks for “Words that Build Up”

Danielle R., age 10, Alberta, Canada

A boy called me a mean name at the end of a school day. It made me very sad. I felt like keeping it to myself, but that only made me feel worse. I felt like I should tell my mom. She talked to me and helped me feel a little better. Then I saw the January 2010 Friend on the kitchen table. I read the story “Words that Build Up.” The story made me feel happy inside. It helped me understand that it doesn’t matter what others think about you—it only matters what Heavenly Father thinks. I know I am a child of God. Knowing this helped me have courage to go to school the next morning.

How I Read the Friend

Brendan R., age 5, Utah

When my family and I traveled to see Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park, I had the Friend with me on my mom’s MP3 player.

Find the Friend audio and video podcasts at feeds.lds.org/ldsfriend.

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Old Faithful photograph by Sebastian Hamm ©iStockphoto