Family Time

Isaac V., age 6, Utah

Our family chooses to not watch TV on Sunday to help us keep the Sabbath day holy. One Sunday night, our neighbors told me about a show that I wanted to watch very badly. I asked my mom and dad if I could watch it, but they said no. I felt sad that I couldn’t watch the show. My mom read the Friend with me, and then we played a game together. My brother and sister joined us, and we all played a game together. It was fun! When I went to bed, I realized that I didn’t feel bad anymore for missing the TV show. I felt really good that I had kept the Sabbath day holy.

Helping and Loving

Sabrina L., age 7, Arizona

I have a little brother and sister. Even though it is hard to always choose the right and be nice to them, I try to protect them and cheer them up. Sometimes at night if my brother or sister is crying and can’t sleep, I will go lie down next to them to help them feel comforted and safe. I like to help my brother get dressed and do my sister’s hair for her. I am trying to be like Jesus by helping and loving my family.

Missionary Example

Gabriel B., age 6, New Brunswick, Canada

Gabriel likes being a missionary. He follows his father’s example of sharing his testimony with others and giving out copies of the Book of Mormon when he feels inspired to. Gabriel is also a good example to others. One time he asked someone to not take the Lord’s name in vain, but the person continued to swear. Gabriel had the courage to ask again, and the person stopped. Gabriel was also able to teach a friend about saying a blessing on the food at mealtime.

Illustrations by Celeste Smith