Friend Summer Reading Program

By Rachel Giddings

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June Issue

Week 1

Read Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice (pages 2–3) and go to to play Articles of Faith Memory Quest.

Do the activity on page 26. The sixth article of faith lists examples of Church leaders; draw a picture of a leader who has served you.

Week 2

Play a game using a “soft answer” rule—whispering and speaking kindly, like in “A Soft Answer” (pages 32–33).

Read “Showing Love” (pages 36–37) and find out what question the dad asked his children every day. Ask yourself this question every day this week and practice serving others.

Week 3

Hunt for the CTR ring. Then reward yourself with some fruit sushi (page 23).

Read about Samuel on pages 18–19. Write someone a card, poem, or thank-you note.

Week 4

Read “My Big Decision” (pages 16–17). Then color the picture on page 46 and post it where it can remind you about baptism.

“A Walk around Nauvoo” (page 22) takes you around Church history sites. Draw a map showing Church sites near you, like a meetinghouse or a leader’s home.

July Issue

Week 1

Start writing your own pioneer journal. Look at pages 24–25 for ideas.

Read “Even Though Everyone Else Is Doing It” (page 27). Then interview someone you admire about a time when he or she had to be brave in choosing the right.

Week 2

“To the Rescue!” (pages 2–3) shows different CTR symbols. Draw a picture of your favorite place to put a CTR symbol.

Read Matt and Mandy (page 45), and then travel back in time with some Pioneer Pudding (page 23).

Week 3

Have you had any experiences trying to be like Jesus? Write about one experience and (with a parent’s permission!) send it to the Friend. (See pages 30–31 for examples.)

Celebrate your pioneer heritage! Dress in clothing your ancestors would have worn, or wear pioneer costumes like the ones described on page 44.

Week 4

In “The Lookout Girls” (pages 16–17), two sisters look for ways to help their mom. Pick a friend or family member and “look out” for a way to serve them.

Create something to send to Our Creative Friends. Look back at the projects you’ve done this summer for ideas.

August Issue

Week 1

Complete an activity for your Faith in God. (See the activity idea on page 12.)

Do the activity on page 22. Can you recite the first eight articles of faith? Practice with a parent or sibling.

Week 2

Next time you go to church, get to know someone new, like Michael did in “Friends and Best Friends” (pages 16–17).

Read “Reflections” (pages 44–45). Draw your portrait the way you think Heavenly Father sees you.

Week 3

Learn a new hymn or Primary song this week, like Sun Yoon and his mother did in “Music for the Heart” (page 27).

Read “A Birthday Wish Fulfilled” (pages 2–3). Make your own collection of fuzzies and start sharing them with your family or friends.

Week 4

Make edible ladybugs (page 23) to enjoy a healthy summer treat.

Find unique places to read the Friend, like some of our readers on pages 24–25.

Illustrations by Brad Teare