Thankful for People Who Care

Curtis M., age 12, Utah

I read “Parachutes of Hope” in the October 2010 Friend and I was reminded about the time that Brother Halvorsen from the story visited my class. He told us about how he shared his gum with the children in Germany after World War II and about how he wanted to help them. His story makes me glad that there are people who care for others. Thanks for putting in such a great story.

A Box Full of Friends

Bella C., age 8, Pennsylvania

I love the Friend. I have a whole box full of Friend magazines. I am supposed to read 20 minutes every day, and I often read the Friend. I’m always so excited when it comes. One of my favorite stories ever is “New Dress, Old Rules” in the May 2007 issue. It taught me a lesson because the girl in the story felt like she wasn’t as good as other girls. There have been times when I felt left out. The story helped me feel better. I can’t wait until I get the next Friend.

I Read the Book of Mormon

Sean G., age 7, Alberta, Canada

When I was six years old, I set a goal to read the Book of Mormon before I turned eight. I wanted to read it before I was baptized. I was reading slowly at first. For a long time, I only read a few verses a day. When I turned seven, my parents and I looked to see how many more pages I needed to read before my baptism. I started doing just enough to reach my goal, but then I began to read even more. I just finished reading the Book of Mormon—three months before my baptism! I hope other children will read the Book of Mormon too. I know it is a true book.

How We Read the Friend

Amy Jo and Adam I., ages 3 and 3, Utah

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Illustration by Ben Simonsen