I Promise

I promise to
Be kind in all I do,
Be honest, peaceful, and true,
To have faith in my family, friends, and God,
To love them with every bit of my heart.
I promise to be virtuous,
Have hope till the end,
To be grateful for what we have—
Reminded again and again;
To be mourning with those who mourn,
To be meek and humble,
Never give up and give it my all;
Be cautious and obedient,
Not afraid to fall;
Keep friends and family in my heart,
Be clean and caring from the start.
I promise to have clean thoughts
And to have a clean mind,
To cherish my blessings all of the time.
I promise to set higher goals,
Be more and more responsible,
To show respect to everyone,
To be kind to every nation and tongue,
Live every day like it’s the last one;
To think of myself as if I won
A battle between good and bad,
Me on the good side—always have been.
I promise to keep my family heritage living on,
To help my kids grow up strong.
I promise to always love.

Brianne R., age 11, Michigan


On the first day God made the earth.
He gave it some light
And separated day from night.
On the second day
He laid the clouds;
He put them in the sky
And they would be like shrouds.
On the third day
He made water and the land
So the earth could be grand.
On the fourth day
He made plants,
And after He did
We could make pants.
On the fifth
He made the stars.
They sparkled bright
But you couldn’t catch them in jars.
On the sixth
He made water animals, land animals, and fowl.
He didn’t make towels
But made us in His image.
On the last day
They all had rest
And it was best.

Kedryn P., age 10, Oklahoma

Ivan R., age 5, Utah

Alana P., age 11, Western Australia, Australia

Jaantje B., age 11, Utah

Elijah S., age 9, Kansas

Alexis N., age 9, Washington

Savannah M., age 8, Colorado

Christopher W., age 11, Virginia

Justin A., age 8, New Mexico

Deborah H., age 6, Idaho

Eli S., age 9, Fiji

Alexandria B., age 10, Ohio

Chase E., age 7, Texas

Clayton L., age 4, Singapore

Isabella M., age 9, Tennessee

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