Saying No

Ellie A., age 11, Utah

When I was at my friend’s house, she asked me if I wanted some coffee. I wanted some because some of my other friends said that it was good. I thought for a minute and asked myself if Jesus would do it. Suddenly I felt the Holy Ghost comforting me. I told my friend, “No, thank you.” She said, “Are you sure? It’s really good.” Again, I said, “No, thank you.” I was grateful that the Holy Ghost was there to comfort me. I was also grateful that I could tell my friend no.

A Friendly Invitation

Brighten D., age 7, California

When I was at recess I saw a boy in my class who looked really sad. I was playing with my friends, and I thought about what Jesus would do. Then I went over and asked the boy to play basketball with me. He was happy, and we played basketball together.

Cleaning Up

Peter W., age 8, Oregon

One day I was going to the store with my mom. I saw some garbage on our car. I didn’t want it there, so I threw it on the ground. But then I felt that I should pick it up, and I thought that the feeling was from the Holy Ghost. I picked up the trash. I know that we should keep the earth clean.

Sharing a Treat

Adam T., age 5, Minnesota

We were having a treat at the table. My little sister finished her candies first and was sad when they were all gone. I shared some of my candies with her. This made her so happy. I’m trying to follow Jesus by sharing.

Family Helper

Shealee G., age 10, California

Once when my whole family was sick I helped take care of everyone. I made chicken noodle soup for my brother and sister. I asked my other sister if she needed anything. After that, I took my mom and dad some water. Then my little brother needed me again. I know that the right thing to do is help and serve others the way Jesus did.

Good Friends

Lindsey E., age 5, Utah

A girl at church didn’t want to go to class because she didn’t feel like she had any friends. So my other friend and I invited her to class. She said yes! For the next few weeks we all walked to class together. Then one Sunday she came over to get me to go to class. I’ve learned about being a good friend. It’s also making me a good missionary.

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Illustrations by Dani Jones