A Day on Temple Square

Sydney S., age 10, California

I read and reread the “Year on Temple Square” stories included in each of the 2010 Friend magazines, wanting to visit Temple Square myself. I got the chance to go to Temple Square when my family took a trip to Utah. It was very cold outside, but it was worth it. We spent the whole day there. I saw everything that was shown in the Friend and more. My family and I touched the temple, saw the Christmas lights, and visited the Tabernacle. I’m so glad Temple Square exists.

My Favorite Parts of the Friend

Scott W., age 11, Utah

Thanks for making the Friend. My favorite parts of the Friend are Friends by Mail, Trying to Be Like Jesus, Funstuf, and the stories. My favorite story from the Friend is “Turn Upside Down and Push” (July 2010).

Helping the Needy

Abigail H., age 10, Maryland

One day my mom asked me to go with her to the bishops’ storehouse. I didn’t want to go, but then I remembered a story I read in the November 2010 Friend called “Super-Fast Service.” In the story, Truman helped his mom gather food for a family in need. I also remembered that the Savior helped people who were hungry, feeding them from two fishes and five loaves of bread. I realized I should go, so I went and I enjoyed it a lot! When I got home, I felt very happy inside. This good feeling was the Spirit telling me I had made a good choice.

How We Read the Friend

Nic and Taylor W., 3 and 1, Utah

We read the Friend in our backyard during the summer.

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Illustrations by Elise Black and Brad Teare