The Temple

The temple is a holy place

Where people like to go.

There is an angel Moroni

So high up in the sky.

The walls are made of granite,

So beautiful and white.

I feel so very special

When I am in its light.

Sariah F., age 7, Wyoming

The Spirit

Each time I get a blessing, I feel the Spirit near.

I hear the comforting words from my Father dear.

He teaches me what’s right, and how to live a good life,

But most of all He teaches me that He really lives.

Caitlyn C., age 12, Utah


Flowers big and flowers small,

But every flower is sweet.

And if I smell them really well,

They’re sure to give me a treat.

I love you and you love me,

But sometimes we will fight.

But if I love you and you love me,

Again we will be right.

Emmalani P., age 9, Kansas


Jesus made for us an earth,

And then He sent us here through birth.

He made us trees and lots of plants,

He made us water and made us land.

He’s helping us along the way.

We owe Him much,

So start today.

Daniel W., age 9, Pennsylvania

1. James B., age 8, Idaho

2. Christine L., age 11, Utah

3. Harley G., age 7, Ohio

4. Tiffany R., age 11, Washington

5. Brayden B., age 6, Utah

6. Hunter R., age 7, Georgia

7. Alexander A., age 9, Alberta, Canada

8. Allison C., age 6, Germany

9. Benjamin R., age 5, Indiana

10. Savanah J., age 5, Texas

11. Maggie N., age 10, Tennessee

12. Zachary W., age 6, Idaho

13. Brent K., age 10, Pennsylvania

14. Aubrie S., age 9, Alabama