pictures of children with the Friend

Last summer we asked you to send us a picture of you doing something fun with the Friend. We received many great photos. Here are some of our favorites.

AJ N., age 12, Arizona

Christine and Anne Marie L., ages 13 and 8, Utah

Madeleine, Nathaniel, and Lydia W., ages 11, 8, and 6, Utah

Sarah Jane C., age 4, Georgia

Sean C., age 9, Nevada

April and Alysha M., ages 7 and 6, Utah

Allie M., age 4, Washington

Julia and Wade W., ages 5 and 3, Idaho

Cameron H., age 4, California

Maggie B., age 11, Utah

Ryan G., age 6, Utah

Charity, Emily, and Katie O., ages 7, 5, and 3; Jackson and Bailey D., ages 6 and 4; Ariana F., age 6; Brennon B., age 4; Caleb C., age 5; Utah

Margaret S., age 9, Utah

Heidi, Andrew, and Hannah C., ages 9, 12, and 7; and Remington and Sarene A., ages 10 and 7; Alabama

Bryce, Kambria, and Michael M., ages 8, 7, and 10, Idaho

What a great issue!