I Can Be a Missionary Now

Sam C., age 6, England

I love the Friend magazine stories because I love to learn more about the gospel and I love reading about all the kinds of things children do. A month after I read an article by Elder Quentin L. Cook called “How Can I Be a Missionary Now?” (April 2010), I told my schoolteacher about the temple. She didn’t know what a temple was. The next day, I brought her a picture of it and told her it is a place where families can be sealed together forever. A couple of weeks later, I got to see Elder Cook at our stake conference. I like being a missionary!

Learning the Scriptures

Abigail L., age 5, Texas

The Friend helps me learn the scriptures. My mom puts the Bright Idea poster on our fridge, and we practice reading it every morning before breakfast. I like seeing what the new scripture is every month. I also like reading stories and coloring the coloring page.

Friend Homework

Eliza M., age 8, Nevada

I have to read 15 minutes every night for homework. I enjoy reading the Friend. Reading it makes me happy, and I feel good inside. I usually end up reading 20 minutes or more!

How We Read the Friend

Hunter, Logan, and Porter W., ages 9, 6, and 3, Idaho

Hunter, Logan, and Porter read the Friend with their baby sister, Hailee Jo.

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Illustration by James Johnson