A Fall Day

Crunchy, crunchy,
Pretty, cool,
Windy, bright—
Leaves twisting,
We want our jackets—
We’re blowing away!

Peter, Anne, and Sharla C., ages 11, 9, and 7, Utah


“Do not throw a fit!”
“No, Johnny. I said sit!”
“You are in a time out!”
“Do not scream and do not shout!”
Parents try with all their might
To teach us how to choose the right.
The commandments say, “Honor your father and mother.”
Also, be an example to your sister and brother.

Brenna H., age 10, Nebraska


White is like the cold snow
And a clean piece of paper.
White tastes like a huge marshmallow.
White feels like wet clouds.
It is like a pure temple.
White is simple.

Liz G., age 9, Washington

Two Thousand Years Ago

I think that it’d be cool to know
what life was like in Nephite times
two thousand years ago.
I wish they’d build a time machine
and pick me to go
to check out what Nephites were like
two thousand years ago.
Who would I meet? Nephi?
Could I take some food to go?
I wonder what life was like
two thousand years ago.

James D., age 9, West Virginia


1. Sadie C., age 8, Arizona

2. Abril L., age 10, Pennsylvania

3. Eli O., age 9, Texas

4. Benji C., age 7, Idaho

5. Jacob F., age 8, Wyoming

6. Jonah A., age 6, Scotland

7. James K., age 5, Tennessee

8. Daria H., age 10, Texas

9. Andrew W., age 10, Utah

10. Hannah C., age 9, Victoria, Australia

11. Eliza R., age 8, Georgia

12. Kiriko W., age 6, Arizona

13. Natalie H., age 7, North Carolina

14. Bronson B., age 9, Ohio

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