Sharing the Friend with a Friend

Emily P., age 7, Georgia

I was reading the May 2011 Friend when a friend came over to my house. I gave her the May 2011 issue and two others. When she left, a warm feeling came to me. I’m glad I could help share the gospel with her. The Friend helps me do missionary work.

Thanks for “Crash and Tell”

Nick C., age 11, Washington

Thank you for the Friend. I enjoy reading it each month. I like trying to find the CTR ring before my brother does. The comics are fun to read as well. My favorite article in the June 2011 issue is “Crash and Tell.” It gave me a lot of great information about how to stay safe on the computer. Thank you for the good work!

Never Give Up

Jessica A., age 9, Utah

I love the Friend! It is fun and interesting. I read it every morning when I eat breakfast. I like to look for the CTR ring while I read the stories. My favorite story is “All the Way to Chicago” in the April 2011 Friend. It taught me that even if something is far away, I shouldn’t give up. Thank you for publishing the Friend.

How I Read the Friend

Cai C., age 3, Virginia

Cai reads the Friend when he takes stroller rides.

Dear Friends,

It’s fun to think about what a new year will hold—a special birthday, a baptism, or a new friend. We’ve planned some new things for you in the Friend this year:

  • A special section of stories and activities for our 9–11-year-old readers. Look on pages 44–47.

  • An easy-to-play Primary song in each issue. Look on page 7.

Let us know how you like our new features.

Happy New Year!
The Friend

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.