Helping Our Brother

Sammy, Luke, and Laura Lee O., ages 6, 2, and 8, Utah

A few summers ago my brother became very sick. He had to have two surgeries and was in the hospital for a month. He was very sad. The only thing that made him feel better was when my sister and I visited him. We sat with him on his bed and played with toys, read stories, and made him laugh. We thought that keeping him company would be what Jesus would do if He were there.

Welcoming Visitors

Hailey C., age 13, Texas

In a Friend magazine I read a story about a girl who made a visitor feel welcome. That Sunday we had a visitor in our ward, and I made a goal to always be kind to visitors or new members. I just got back from a vacation where I went to a different church building every week, and I remembered how I felt sitting by myself when no one would talk to me. Now I always try to make visitors feel welcome. I’m grateful for the chance I have to do this, and I hope it will help me grow closer to Heavenly Father.

Sabbath Reminder

Daniel C., age 10, Idaho

One night I wanted to listen to music, so I turned on the radio to some non-Sunday music. Then I got a prompting from the Holy Ghost reminding me that it was the Sabbath. I was tempted to ignore it, but the feeling got stronger and stronger. Finally I changed the music. Later, when I was going to sleep, I got a really good feeling. I am glad I chose the right and kept the Sabbath day holy.

Closing the Book

Kimball W., age 8, Nova Scotia, Canada

At school my friend asked me to hold his comic book. I opened it and looked at the pictures. I saw violent pictures that made me feel uncomfortable, so I closed the book and gave it back to my friend. It made me feel good to not look at the pictures. I know that I listened to the Holy Ghost.

A Better Place

Grace H., age 7, Maryland

I had to do a school project about how I can make the world a better and more beautiful place. I couldn’t come up with an idea, but then I felt the Spirit and thought of an idea. Sharing the gospel would make the world a better place. I drew a poster showing a family being taught by the missionaries. Jesus wants us to share the gospel with everyone before He comes again. When we share the gospel, we prepare the world for Jesus to come.

A Good Choice

Canyon H., age 6, Washington

A boy in my class bullied me. One day he hit me. I was sad, but I forgave him. When I was chosen to be a class helper, I could choose a friend to work with me. I picked this boy because he never gets chosen by others. I wanted to make him feel good. He thanked me for choosing him and was nice to me. It made me feel good to be an example like Jesus.

Telling the Truth

Kellie N., age 9, Utah

After Christmas my family was taking down our Christmas decorations. When I was taking down the garland on our banister, it ripped. I was afraid to tell my parents, but I decided to tell them. I am glad I told the truth, and I felt better after I did.

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