Learning to Do Better

Mary B., age 9, Nebraska

I’m glad I get the Friend. Whenever I get in trouble or forget something, I want to do better. The Friend helps me learn. Sometimes I like to get on the Friend website and play games and color online.

How I Read the Friend

Spencer S., age 4, Utah

Spencer S. reads the Friend at bedtime.

Understanding Modesty

Victoria M., age 9, Georgia

I loved the story about the girl who got clothes from her friend, but only kept the modest clothing (“Modest at Any Age,” May 2010). My family and I used that story to learn that our bodies are temples and that we should keep them sacred and be modest. Now we all dress modestly. I would love to see more stories about modesty in the Friend so I can learn more about it. I want to share the stories with my friends to help them learn too.

A Reliable Friend

Cordigan S., age 12, Idaho

I really like the Friend. I usually read it a couple times each month. Sometimes I read the really old ones too. I think it is cool how pretty much all the stories are about children. I like how the stories are about important things, but are still very interesting. I hope the Friend is around for a long time.

Dear Friends,

Were you ever nervous to ask a question? Maybe it’s because you didn’t know that other people had the exact same question too!

Asking questions is a great way to learn. That’s why we’ve created a new feature called Question Corner. It’s a place where you can ask questions and share your ideas.

Look on page 47 for our first Question Corner. Then write to let us know your question.

Keep asking!

The Friend

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