Gaining a Testimony

Choose the letter in the alphabet that comes either before or after each letter listed to solve the code and find three important things you can do to build your testimony. Two letters are done for you.

Who Am I?

1. From my home, Jerusalem, I fled
When I smote off Laban’s head.
My elder brothers then mocked me
When I took a boat to sea.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See the first book in the Book of Mormon.)

2. My father gave me the gold plates;
I hid them in a place that was safe.
I was the last righteous man of my people;
You see me today on the temple steeple.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See the last book in the Book of Mormon.)

3. I preached to Noah, the wicked king,
But he would not obey a thing.
The power of God made him quake,
But in the end I was burned at the stake.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See Mosiah 17.)

4. I knew Ammon was a man of God
Who left his home to serve abroad.
My father’s vision in my youth
Taught me of the Lord God’s truth.

Who am I? ___________________

(Hint: See Alma 19.)

Find the answers on page 48.

Gaining a Testimony: Search, ponder, and pray.

Who Am I?: 1) Nephi, 2) Moroni, 3) Abinadi, 4) Abish.