“Just One Coin” Helped Me

Makenna L., age 11, Utah

I held a bake sale in my neighborhood and I made $30! I was so excited, but then I remembered I should pay my tithing. At the same time, I didn’t really want to pay it. Then I read “Just One Coin” (August 2011). It made me want to pay my tithing, and I did. I felt better inside.

How We Read the Friend

Samuel, Kaitlyn, and Lindsey M., ages 5, 7, and 3, Texas

Thank you for the Friend Summer Reading Program (June 2011). We really enjoyed reading the stories, and the activities gave us some fun things to do.

Everybody Should Read the Friend

Jenna M., age 9, Nevada

The Friend helps me learn more about the Church and the gospel. It has fun stories that sometimes make me laugh and other times help me feel the Holy Ghost. I hope everybody reads the Friend like I do.

Thanks for Pioneer Pudding

Will and Emery H., ages 6 and 7, Utah

We had so much fun making and eating Pioneer Pudding (July 2011). Thank you for the recipe!

Dear Friends,

Almost everybody is afraid of something. Maybe it’s thunder or dogs or giving a talk in Primary. The boy in the story on page 4 had a fear that he had to face. Then he remembered he could pray. What happened next may surprise you.

How have you overcome a fear? Write and tell us your story!

Be brave!

The Friend

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.