Beautiful Creations

Dallin H., age 7, Colorado

One Sunday I was walking to church when I noticed a beautiful butterfly lying in a wet gutter. The butterfly was stuck in the water and flapping its wings very slowly. My dad helped me lift the butterfly up and place it on a tree branch. After a few moments the butterfly flew away. I was happy to have helped one of God’s beautiful creations. I know God loves everything He created, and that He would be happy that I helped the butterfly.

Animal Service

Olivia G., age 9, Arizona

Every Saturday I help a widow who has lots of animals. She has miniature horses and dogs, fish, chickens, birds, and cats. I help by brushing the horses, making food bags, and cleaning the chicken coop. I am happy when I serve.

Sharing Time

Carter L., age 4, Alaska

Sometimes after reading the scriptures with my family, I get hungry. I go to the kitchen and get bananas and apples for everyone. I try to follow Jesus Christ’s example by sharing with others.

Our Perfect Example

Katie K., age 10, Illinois

My mom’s calling is to help set up for Relief Society activities. One night she needed to help set up for an activity. When I found out she was leaving, I was in a bad mood. Then she asked me to serve with her. At first I didn’t want to, but I agreed. Once we got there I helped set up different stations. I liked making things look nice for the women. I forgot why I had been in a bad mood and began to think about others. If our Lord Jesus Christ washed the feet of His disciples, then it should be clear to us that He expects us to follow His example. When I helped my mom I wasn’t washing feet, but I was doing something for someone other than myself. It makes me proud to be a part of a church where members follow Jesus Christ’s example.

Clean Language

Jaden B., age 11, Alberta, Canada

There is a boy in my class at school who swears and takes the Lord’s name in vain. I have asked him to stop, but he hasn’t. I don’t like hearing bad words, so I am going to look for other friends and set a good example by using good language. It gives me a warm feeling in my heart when I set a good example for others.

Good Neighbors

Lizzy P., age 5, Arizona

One Sunday the missionaries came to Primary. They talked to us about sharing the gospel, and they gave us pass-along cards. When I got home I told my mom that I wanted to give a card to our next-door neighbors. My mom and I went next door and I read 3 Nephi 11:10–11 to our neighbors. I also shared my testimony with them. I was happy to share the gospel with others.

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