My Best Friend

Sariah J., age 9, California

The Friend is my best friend. One day I was reading the Friend and I read a story about a girl who had a bad dream. She decided to ask her mom about how to get rid of them. Her mom told her to pray and ask Heavenly Father to bless her to not have any more bad dreams. After I read the story, I thought I should try to do the same thing, so I did. Now I never have bad dreams.

My Compliments to the Friend

Ashton A., age 12, Utah

I would like to compliment the Friend on the stories you tell. They have taught me to think before I act, to tell the truth, and to be kind to and look out for others. The stories make learning interesting and help me think about what is really important. I still have a ways to go to be the best I can be, but the Friend has definitely helped me on the way. The stories that affect me the most are the ones that relate to my struggles. Thank you, Friend!

How We Read the Friend

Michael B., age 5, Arizona

Before I go to bed my dad always reads me the Friend. I like to learn about Jesus Christ and prophets and hear all the good stories.

Dear Friends,

We hope you enjoy this month’s issue. We filled it with stories and activities about My Gospel Standards.

Did you learn something new from one of the stories or activities? Or have you had an experience where one of the gospel standards helped you? We’d love to hear from you!

Stay strong!

The Friend

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