Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right

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You can use this lesson and activity to learn more about this month’s Primary theme.

Jesus Christ Teaches Me to Choose the Right

For Tanner, Easter would not be the same this year. His grandpa had died, and Tanner was sad he would never share this special time with him again.

But during Primary, Tanner was reminded that the reason we celebrate Easter is because Jesus lives! When He was resurrected, His spirit was forever reunited with His body, never to experience death again. Tanner learned that because Jesus was resurrected, everyone would be resurrected someday, including his grandpa!

An Easter song filled Tanner with happiness as he sang: “Jesus has risen, Jesus, our friend. Joy fills our hearts; He lives again.”* Tanner wanted to share this good news with everyone. He decided that before Easter, he would place on his neighbors’ doorsteps small bundles of spring flowers with scriptures about Jesus’s Resurrection. He imagined the smiles on their faces when they found his gift on Easter morning.

Songs and Scripture

  • John 13:15

  • Suggested songs from the Children’s Songbook: “Jesus Has Risen” (70), “Did Jesus Really Live Again?” (64), “He Died That We Might Live Again” (65), “Easter Hosanna” (68–69)

Just You

You can make your own Easter bundles like Tanner. Use a rectangular piece of white or colored paper and follow the steps below. Fill the cone with small flowers or treats to surprise a friend or family member!

CTR Activity

Where in the World?

After Jesus Christ was resurrected, He visited people not only in the Jerusalem area but also the righteous people in the Americas as well. As a family, draw a line from each picture to the land (Jerusalem or the Americas) where it happened. Take turns reading the scriptures to learn more about what happened in the pictures.

matching activity(click to view larger)

Jerusalem and Americas illustrations by Simini Blocker

Show References

  1.   *

    “Jesus Has Risen,” Children’s Songbook, 70.