The Friend Comforts Me

Lilli R., age 11, Pennsylvania

In January 2011 my mom died. It has been really hard without her, but we keep going, knowing that Heavenly Father loves us. When I read the Friend I am comforted. I can’t wait to go to heaven to be with my mom and my family and Heavenly Father and Jesus.

A Great Example

Gordon C., age 7, South Carolina

I think the Friend is a great example for children because it helps us choose the right and be kind to others. After I read “The Apple Adventure” (October 2011), I made a commitment that I will always listen to and follow the Holy Ghost.

Always Best to Tell the Truth

Grace S., age 10, Arizona

I can relate to “Tickets and the Truth” in the November 2011 issue. I have lied before, and I felt bad about it. I had to fix a lot of things and then ask Heavenly Father for forgiveness.

How We Read the Friend

Dear Friends,

You don’t need to be older than others to set a good example for them. The stories on pages 16 and 36 tell about kids who set good examples for older members of their families.

Who has been a good example for you? How have you set a good example for someone younger or older than you are? Write and tell us your story.


The Friend

Was there a letter or a story in this month’s issue that helped you? Tell us about it. Turn to page 48 to find out how.