The Great Work of God

Second Counselor in the First Presidency

Adapted from “A Great Work of God,” Ensign, Apr. 2010, 4.

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The Great Work of God

In April 1830, Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, and a handful of others gathered together to organize The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a simple meeting. How the heavens must have rejoiced and glorified God—for on that day, the Church of Jesus Christ returned to earth!

Since that day, millions have discovered the truth of the restored gospel and have entered the waters of baptism. I testify that this great work of God is on the earth today. I bear witness that the Lord watches over His Church and directs it through His prophet, Thomas S. Monson.

It is no ordinary blessing to live in these latter days. These are glorious times foreseen by ancient prophets and attended by watchful, angelic hosts. The Lord is mindful of His Church. He is also mindful of those who follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost and join with their brothers and sisters the world over in helping to bring forth this great work of God.

No Ordinary Blessing

To find some of the remarkable blessings the Church gives to people, look up the scriptures below. Then find the picture that matches each scripture.

They Listened!

Have you ever read “Come Listen to a Prophet’s Voice” for family home evening? This family from Georgia did. After they read President Uchtdorf’s message “Listen for His Voice” from the January 2011 Friend, each member of the family wrote about a time when he or she heard Heavenly Father’s voice through the Holy Ghost.

My friend lost an earring one day on the playground. After searching for about five minutes, I had the feeling to pray. I whispered to my friend to pray, and she did. A few minutes later she found the front piece. Then three seconds later she found the back. I am so glad I was there to help my friend and that I can pray to Heavenly Father for anything I need.

Carleigh F., age 10

One day at school I got this feeling I should go talk to a new boy in class. I sat down next to him and said hello. He has now become one of my best friends. He even came to seminary once and was able to learn a little more about the Church. I followed the prompting, and the outcome was a great friend!

Benjamin F., age 15

One day my room was a really big mess. Then I had the thought that I should stop playing with my action figures and clean my room. After I did, I felt good inside, and I made my mom smile. I know listening to the promptings of the Spirit makes me happy.

Isaac F., age 5

In Primary, my teacher taught us about how we can repent to get ready to meet Jesus when He comes again. I thought about how some of my friends were being inappropriate and cussing at school. I knew I should not participate. I talked to my mom, and she helped me repent. Then I talked to my friends and got them to stop. I am glad that Heavenly Father gave me good Primary teachers so I can hear His voice through the Holy Ghost.

Adam F., age 8

Once I was trying to save money for something expensive. I didn’t have enough money, so I prayed and asked Heavenly Father for help. Then I had a feeling that I should call my grandpa. He hired me to do yard work for him, and I worked hard all summer. I was able to reach my goal because I listened to the feeling I had after I prayed to Heavenly Father.

Jonah F., age 12