Thanks for the CTR Pretzels

Dean F., age 10, California

I love to make the recipes I find in the Friend. The CTR pretzels from the January 2012 issue were so good!

A Helpful Friend

Molly V., age 9, Ontario, Canada

I love the Friend. When I read it, it makes me feel close to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. When I give talks in Primary, I use stories from the Friend to help explain my topic. I’m glad I can get it in Canada.

I Know He Is There

Jason C., age 8, Ohio

I really like having the Friend sent to our family every month. My favorite story is “He Is There” from the January 2012 issue. Thank you for this wonderful magazine.

How We Read the Friend

Ginger M., Amelia S., and Sasha R., ages 9, 7, and 8, Minnesota.

Dear Friends

When you think of being a leader at school, you might think of someone who’s smart, outgoing, or good at sports. On pages 24 and 45, you’ll find out how to be a leader by showing kindness and courage and how to help stop bullying at your school by treating everyone like a child of God.

We hope you’ll write to tell us your experiences with showing kindness and courage at school.

Stand tall!

The Friend

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